Posted by: Kevin Mills | November 2, 2010

The Largest Owl In North America

My wife drives all over north-eastern Oregon and south-eastern Washington and has an ‘office’ that is hundreds of thousands of square acres in size.  Last week, on a long solitary drive to the far northeast corner of Oregon, she happened to catch a sight of the largest owl in north America, a Great Grey Owl sitting on a steel fence post beside the road just waiting for some little critter to run by.   It’s a big bird and she knew just what it was at first sight.  Looking at the photo and hearing her description was pretty fascinating.  Here’s the picture she took:

Great gray OR3 RM29-2 102810

She drove by slowly a couple of times before it took wing and flew off across the grassy landscape.

Here’s a link to a few more Great Grey photos:  Great Grey Owl photo album



  1. I saw the most amazing owl last week in long creek looked the size of a VW bug.NO JOKE!!Scared the living daylights out of me!!It swopped down right in front of me.Did I really see that or something else??someone please email me and HELP!!!

  2. Hiya

    I saw an owl a couple years ago in a small mountain town outside of Albuquerque New Mexico. It appeared about 3 feet tall and it was standing on the ground near the side of the road. Actually, it terrified me a bit.

    Does anyone know which owl that may have been?

    Do email me:

  3. hi, I can’t believe you found the biggest owl in North America! everyone (NOT including emily and andrew) went to Georgia and saw several owls, vultures, falcons presented by a naturalist. She rescued injured birds.

    • A couple of years ago I saw twoHUGE birds on a side road near the highway . This is a wooded area of Idaho, near the Wyoming border. Just above palisades reservoir. There was no way to stop as the road is own a curve from both directions at that spot. They were absolutely huge! At least 4, more like 5ft tall with the second one slightly smaller. They were sitting on the ground and appeared uniformly torpedo shape. What are the possibilities of what I saw ? HUGE! And everyone thinks I am crazy

  4. What an awesome find. Owls are so cool, and I’m envious that you get to see so many (as well as the fox kits). What a great sight for Denine to see after driving so much. Nice shot!

  5. I think he was waiting for Halloween so he could go trick or treating or maybe he was hoping D would offer him some of that good apple cider fresh out of the press.

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